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My name is Paul Forster, born in Kent in the South East of England, I'm a father, husband and a bit of a nerd. Oh, and I also write fiction. Looking for a story about a zombie apocalypse? I've got a little something for you. 

Having released tales of the undead with "Deadweight", and "The Last Bite", my next novel will be zombie-less but will have a bit of time travel. "The Time Travel Agency" mixes science fiction with a bit of Cold War espionage and a trip to the 1980s. I won't leave the living dead completely behind as I will continue the Deadweight universe in the future with a short story compilation, "Little Nibbles". As a warm up for "Little Nibbles", in January 2021 I'm releasing the novella "Thornhurst". Follow the fate of a small village as the dead start on their journey to take over the world.

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Want to get in touch? Perhaps you want to offer me a Netflix or Prime series, maybe you want to debate zombies or even discuss my hatred of tinned sweetcorn? Email me, or find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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"I have been a fan of the zombie genre since before it went mainstream with the like of the walking dead. I personally find it refreshing that there was a new take on the start of the outbreak. I thought it was well explained and showed that some research had been done. I liked how the author jumped from character to character to build up the story arc. It seemed to take some realism as far as the fate of some of the characters. Great read, I look forward to the next one. Cheers!"

— Amazon UK Customer Review
"I only write reviews for really, really good books and really, really bad books and I'm happy to say that this book definitely belongs in the former category. Absolutely loved it. This is one of the few books that has a refreshing take on the zombie genre. The characters are well written and I was blindsided by a couple of their deaths. Did not expect them at all. Can't wait for the next book and I'll definitely hunting down other books by this author."

— Amazon UK Customer Review
"I really enjoyed this book. I love a good ZA story & this one starts from the very beginning, so you get to see things getting worse & worse & how & why.
Relatable interesting characters made this a quick read for me. If you like a good ZA book, check out this one!"

— Amazon US Customer Review


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