Paul Forster
Writers write, so I wouldn't be much of an author if I didn't have some books to offer. Below are my currently available titles.

The Books

The first standalone novella in the Deadweight universe, available January 2021. Thornhurst follows the fate of a small village during the early days of the apocalypse. As the cities and towns begin to fall apart, they hope they'll be spared, unaware the dead are already within.
When they created the perfect weight loss drug, they created the perfect zombie. A pandemic quickly sweeps across the globe, people transform into bloodthirsty cannibals preying upon the living, eager to taste their flesh. A small group of survivors fight on against the dead, desperate not to become a meal, or worse, join them hunting the living.
Concluding the two book series. The mainland has been abandoned by the government who hide in the English Channel desperate to maintain control. Those still in harm's way, do what they can to survive in an increasingly aggressive world, each trying to make it to the next day. A farm has become a sanctuary, an abandoned research centre now a prison to its single human occupant and an idyllic cottage a house of horrors. The only hope being the hunt for an enigmatic scientist who may hold the key for a cure.


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